Light wind is home for the new Shade. Designed for performance flying, the Shade provides optimal feedback to the pilot even with very little wind. Such response makes flying in light breezes much easier. With its eye-catching appearance, a sail made of lightweight spinnaker nylon and feather light carbon fiber tubes, the Shade conjures up amazing maneuvers
in the sky. The Shade allows complex tricks to be performed effortlessly in the hands of a skilled pilot. With this elegant light wind machine, the lack of a breeze is a thing of the past.
Width: 215 cm
Height: 92 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester "Light" 31 g
Frame: Carbon 4+5 mm
Line: 25-50 kp, rec.
Wind: 1-4 Bft. (4-22 km/h | 2,5-14 mph)
Age: 14+

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